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Baragon is a founding and current member of the Earth Defenders and is a Kaiju originally created thousands of years ago following the Toba Extinction in order to keep balance to nature and to protect the planet from future attacks by evil Kaiju.


Baragon is a four-legged mammal-like reptilian creature with dark red skin, an orange horn on his forehead, and large, floppy dog-like ears. He also has small head spikes, prominent teeth with large fangs, and stout legs with large claws. The armor plating on his back almost resemble rose petals.

After being accepted into Fairy Tail, Baragon is given a Guild Mark. His Guild Mark is yellow and placed on his right shoulder.


Baragon is very short-tempered and quite a smug show-off. He often likes to brag about his strength and prove that he's the best fighter, even if its means bragging to his fellow Earth Defenders. This was demonstrated when he made fun of the fact that Gorosaurus was old when they were fighting off the Dark Guilds Dark Unicorn and Naked Mummy. Despite this though, he really cares about his comrades and shows great loyalty towards them, as well as always follow Godzilla's orders without doubts.

While he shares good relationships with his comrades, he does argue and bicker with some of them when he is aggregated or poked fun off himself such as when he was angered by Varan make fun of him during the battle against the Dark Guilds.

Baragon also constantly likes to get into fights with others, which often leads him to butt heads with Gajeel Redfox. He and Gajeel share a rivalry over who is the strongest among both of them, which at times can get quite heated. He is often described as a battle maniac and has a thrill for battle to the point that even the mere mention of a brawl gets him excited and wanting to tear something up.


Although not much is know about Baragon's past, he was originally a Kaiju created after the Toba Extinction by the remaining seven of the Eight Guardians of Terra in order to keep Terra safe after their passing. Following the battle between King Caesar and Megalon, Baragon along with the other remaining Kaiju went into hiding and eventually disappeared.


Magma Buster: Baragon can fire a large torrent of flames from his jaws that are capable of severely burning enemies. On occasion, his nasal horn glows and crackles before unleashing this attack.

Magma Slasher: By setting his own claws on fire, Baragon is able to slash into enemies and is even capable of breaking through tough armor.

Tremor Claws: After unlocking a special rage attack, Baragon can use his claws to cause earthquakes and lava eruptions beneath his feet.

Immense Strength: Baragon's strength allows him to burrow extremely deep through the planets crust with relative ease. His powerful teeth and claws are powerful enough to crush through tough armor and tough layers of crust. With his jaws, he is able to grab and throw Ganimes by the pincer.

Immense Durability: Baragon has strong jaws and limitless perseverance. His body is also strong enough to resist high amounts of heat, such as Godzilla's own Atomic Breath.