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If a species, despite all evidence of council and logic, is intent on destroying the world for the sake of pure greed, it must be exterminated. There will be no exceptions. They enslaved me, forced me to be their hound. It's because of them that my sister is dead, and for that they will pay. For our race, for Terra... FOR MOTHRA!

-Battra in "One Last Game"


Battra is a current member of the Earth Conquerors and is The Guadrian of Terra. He is the descendant of the Kaiju of Earth Gigamoth of the Eight Guardians of Terra, the brother of Mothra The Guardian of Mortals and uncle of Mothra Lea and Mothra Leo. He was controlled by the psychic twins Minnete and Mallory to kill his sister.


Battra Cover art for Godzilla: Ongoing issue 3

Battra has a predominately black body with very large wings that have patterns of red, black and yellow. He also has yellow horns on his head, six clawed legs, and red eyes which glow purple when firing his beam, as well as a red line which runs down his body's sides. Unlike Mothra who has fur, Battra has an armored body and also lacks antenna. At the end of his abdomen, Battra has three protections, two of which form a pincer/stinger like structure.

In his larva form Battra is mostly black but with a lot of yellow and a dark red underside. On his head is a giant yellow horn which glows when use fires a beam attack. On either side of his mouth are tusks. Battra's larval form is larger than Mothra's Larva form and has more powerful horn-like legs which are yellow, it is also physically stronger than Mothra's. Like his adult form the larva also has red eyes.


Being born from the same egg, Battra and Mothra shared a strong bond between each other. However, being the Guardian of Terra, he does not care much over the lives of humans like his sister and is more concerned over the well being of the planet. After being placed under the control of Minnett and Mallory, he behaved more like an attack dog, attacking and destroying anyone or anything the two ordered him too against his will.

Following the death of Mothra by Minnete and Mallory's orders, he began to harbor a deep hatred for humanity, which eventually led to him to come into league with SpaceGodzilla.


Following the Toba Extinction, the Kaiju of Earth Gigamoth laid a single egg before sacrificing her soul to the Tree of Life with the other six remaining guardian's, which eventually hatched into Mothra and Battra. Battra became known as the Guardian of Terra while his sister became the Guardian of Mortals. After the chaotic clash between King Caesar and Megalon, many of the planets second line of guardian Kaiju, including Battra, went into a state of hiding for over a thousand years. In 1961, Battra reawakened in Siberia, Russia.


Prism Beam: Battra can fire a red or purple beam of energy from his eye which can cause lots of damaged to his opponents as seen with his battles with Mothra, SpaceGodzilla, Radon, King Caesar and the Fairy Tail basecamp team.

Terra Claw: Battra can channel energy from his body into claws which begin to glow with purple energy. This attack can be used to dissipate or destroy an oncoming projectile attack by Battra striking with his energy charged claw. It is even capable of countering magic such as with Levy McGarden's Solid Script: Fire.

Firma Ray: From the pincers at the end of his abdomen, Battra is capable of firing a beam of red electrical energy at this opponents.

Mirror Scales: Like Mothra, Battra possess the ability to emit a cloud of reflective scales from his wings (in his case they a reddish-orange in color) and use it to deflect on coming attacks. These scales are even capable of causing Kamoebas' Rock Blast to explode on contact.

Macrocosm Bolts: From his wings, Battra is capable of unleashing a barrage of red lighting. This attack is capable of striking multiple opponents such as when Battra unleashed this attack upon the members of the Fairy Tail basecamp team.

Flight: As a winged monster Battra is capable of flying a great speeds, allowing him to rival Mothra and Radon in the air.

Dark Hurricane: A powerful wind attack that Battra can unleash by a single flap of his wings. This dark takes the form of a dark wing that spreads which has two effects. The first being that it is capable of blowing opponents away similar to attacks used by Rodan and Titanosaurus. The second is that the Dark Hurricane is actually capable of sucking the oxygen from the very air itself. Any opponent who isn't being blown away by the winds will instead slowly suffocate as the oxygen disappears.

Immense Strength: Battra is shown to have great physical strength, being able to carry and throw Mothra. His clawed legs allow him rip the wings of a military plane as well as carry and throw military ships. He is capable of taking own multiple opponents including the Fairy Tail basecamp team made up of Gajeel Redfox, Levy, Lisanna Strauss, Elfman Strauss, Cana Alberona, Freed Justine and Bickslow as well the Earth Defenders Gorosaurus, Baragon, Varan, Mothra Leo, Kamoebas, Kumonga and Gaira. In his Larval form, his strength allowed him to burrow underground.

Durability: Battra has shown to quite durably when in battle. He is shown to endure a powerful beating from opponents like King Caesar. His is also capable of taking beatings from multiple opponents as with his battle with Fairy Tail and the Earth Defenders on Tenrou Island.