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I don't think you quite understand the rules of warfare. Only the mighty devour the weak. Only the smart and cleaver trample the stupid. In war, there are no rules. Only victory and defeat.

-Dagahra to Elfman Strauss in "Realm of the Abyss"


Dagahra is a current member of the Earth Conquerors. He was originally an unknown aquatic creature that became mutated after being exposed to nuclear waste before being rendered comatose. He was eventually awakened and joined the Earth Conquerors following The Trilopod War.


In appearance, Dagahra resembles a cross between a dragon and a manta ray. He has a triangular horn on his head and has six spies coming from his chin. His eyes are purple. On his back he has a large dorsal fin which goes down to his tail which also has two fins. On his shoulders are two canon-lie structures. Attached to his shoulders are wings which can be folded in and out. Bellow each cannon-structure is a fin that curves backwards. His forelegs and hind legs posses fins, Dagahra's hind legs are more flipper like than his reptilian forelegs. His body is turquoise in color with some parts being a very pale yellow.


Dagahra has been shown to be a serious and loyal Kaiju who see's all humans as inferior to them and also harbors a hatred towards the Earth Defenders, like most of the other Conquerors. However, he also has a sadistic side to him, which he displayed while he explained the Earth Conquerors goal to Erza Scarlet, Juvia Lockser, and Manda.

He is shown to incredibly loyal to the Earth Conqueror cause as seen when he was willing obeyed SpaceGodzilla's orders to terminate the Gargantuas if Sanda told Gaira about the reason he joined the faction. He is also shown to become enrage if anyone insults the Earth Conqueror or SpaceGodzilla. He is also shown to become enraged if another Kaiju sides with Earth Defenders as seen when Gaira and Baragon teamed up against him.


Not much is known about Dagahra's history other than that he was a sea-dwelling creature that became mutated after being exposed to nuclear waste. He developed a habit of consuming pollution as a source of sustenance, but this only further developed his mutation before at some point being rendered into a comatose state within the ruins of an ancient civilization deep beneath the ocean, which most likely dated back to the First Civilization.


Irabushan Beam: From his mouth, Dagahra can fire a beam of red energy. While this attack was blocked by Levy McGarden's Solid Script: Guard, the beam had enough force to knock Levy to the ground and leave her vulnerable to Dagahra's next attack.

Barem Cannons: The large structures on Dagahra's shoulders are cannons. These cannons can open and fire blasts of blue energy. He was able to use this attack against Gorosaurus.

Crimson Sails: Dagahra is capable of charging up his dorsal fins on his back and fire crescent shaped blasts of red energy. He is shown using this attack against Kumonga.

Barem Rings: As Daghra spins his body whilst in the air, rings of energy form around him which he can fire at his opponents.

Flight: Dagahra can retracted a pair of wings from his shoulders that allow him to fly at great speeds.

Aquatic Adaptation: Being aquatic in nature, Dagahra is a powerful swimmer.