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DesGhidorah also known the Demon from Mars is a Space Kaiju and a member of the Ghidorah, he is even the younger brother of King Ghidorah. 65 million years ago, he and King Ghidorah came to Terra and caused the KT Extinction but he was soon defeated by Gigamoth and was sealed away under Infant Island.


Like his brother, DesGhidorah has a dragon like appearance, having wings and three heads. Unlike King Ghidorah however, DesGhidorah has a quadrupedal body structure as he walks on four legs. Also instead of two tails, he only has one tail which is forked at the end. DesGhidorah has a dark grey armored hide, with some areas of his body such as his chest and legs have large scales. The skin on his underside of his body and throats are light grayish in color. The feet of his front legs have four clawed toes, he claws being white, while his back feet only have three toes each. His heads each of the same horn patterns as they have two horns on the top of heads and a small ridge of spines in between the two horns, on either side of each head has several spikes. His wings have a red membrane and each wing has a claw-like protrusion. Running down his waist to his tail are fin like spines like the wings also have a red membrane.


Not much is known about DesGhidorah before his attack on Mars, wiping out all life on the planet. 65 million years ago, he soon encountered his older brother King Ghidorah and the two space dragons joined forces to attack Terra. Their attack led to the KT Extinction before being stopped by the Eight Guardians of Terra. As King Ghidorah was forced to retreat off the planet, DesGhidorah was sealed beneath Infant Island by Gigamoth.


Tenrou Island Arc

In Earth Land after the Earth Defenders joined Fairy Tail, on Tenrou Island during the S-Class Wizard Trial, the Shobijin tell the Mirajane Strauss and Lisanna Strauss about DesGhidorah and how he attacked Terra 65 million years ago with King Ghidorah and how the two were defeated by the Eight Guardians of Terra.


Immense Strength: DesGhidorah is stated to being incredibly powerful, having enough power to reduce Mars to a wasteland and causing the CT Extinction alongside King Ghidorah.