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Death is something that can never be avoided. Where there is life, there is also death. No matter how hard you fight, no matter how many battles you win, in the end, death will always win. Humans burn. Monsters die. Gods fall. All roads lead to death!

-Destoroyah to Anguirus in "Survival of the Fittest"


Destoroyah, sometimes known as Destroyah, is a current member of the Earth Conquerors and is known as the Serizawa Legacy. She is a Kaiju created by the Oxygen Destroyer in 1954 when it was used to try and kill Godzilla, only to also mutate a prehistoric crustacean that survived extinction.


Destoroyah is a kaiju that transforms into many different forms on the battle field. In all of these forms Destoroyah posses a crustacean exoskeleton with various tones of red.

In her juvenile form, Destoroyah has six crustacean-like legs, sports horn-like structures on each side of her head and a set of mandibles with an inner mouth. This form also has a long neck and a tail which sports a fork-like structure on the tip. The flower-like structure on the chest is pure red.

Destroyah in Juvenile Form

Destoroyah's Aggregate form is very similar to her juvenile form, the differences between these two forms is that the Aggregate form is bigger in size, sports a pair of small but functional pincers on it lower body and a pair of spiked curved legs/arms protruding from her back. The inner mouth on this form is also more protruded. The flower-like structure on the chest is now a lighter shade of red.

Destroyah's appearance in Legends Issue 1

In her Final Form, Destoroyah has a more humanoid body structure, standing taller than Godzilla himself. She has thick arms and legs adorning white claws. The knee area of her legs has white spikes protruding out. The flower-like structure on the chest is red-white. On the shoulders are large red-white spikes. The crests on each side of the head are large and a long orange horn projects from the hop of the head. Her tail in very long with a clawed pincer at the tip. On her back are two sets of demonic wings, one large pair and one smaller pair. Her mouth is more dinosaurian, with three white tusks on either side of the mouth.


Destoroyah has been shown to be quite cruel and sadistic, showing little to no care over the well being of her foes and simply enjoys the thrill of the hunt. She seems to find great enjoyment in horribly brutalizing her opponents and views fighting others as 'hunting' them, and also often refers to her enemies as her 'prey'. However, she has been shown to acknowledge strong opponents, such as when she acknowledged the power of the members of Fairy Tail after battling Mirajane Strauss and Lisanna Strauss. Also, she has been shown to target her enemies emotionally, such as when she threatened to kill Wendy Marvell after finding out about her friendship with Rodan.

Being aware that she was born from the Oxygen Destroyer, Destoroyah believes that because she was created from a weapon that caused death, that it is her nature to be a weapon of death herself. She believes that death is something that can not be avoided and that all life must come to an end at some point.


Destoroyah was originally a species of prehistoric crustaceans that survived since the Cambrian Period and was mutated by the Oxygen Destroyer when it was used to try and kill Godzilla in 1954. For the following 60 year, she remained dormant in Tokyo Bay as she continued to mutate up until the early 2000's, when she finally surfaced after completing her mutation.


Oxygen Destroyer Ray: Her primary long-range weapon, Destoroyah can fire a concentrated purple beam of Micro-Oxygen from her mouth. This attack can be extremely devastating and often changes color in between her different forms. She has used this attack against Godzilla, Mothra, Jet Jaguar, as well as Mirajane and Lisanna Strauss.

Variable Slicer: Destoroyah's head horn has the ability to generate a blade of energy powerful enough to cut through an opponents flesh and even buildings. She used this attack Mothra (which left her mortally wounded for the next four years) and on Rodan, leaving a blood-oozing scar on his back. The horn an also leave traces of Micro-Oxygen in the wound, temperately halting the opponents healing factor. The attack is even strong enough to slice through Mirajane's Darkness Stream. While the horn can be ripped off (as seen with her battle with Godzilla), it can regenerate after breaking down into her aggregate/juvenile forms and combining into her final form. Even with out the energy, the horn can still do serious damage such as stabbing Godzilla deep in his stomach.

Oxygen Land Mines: Destoroyah can generate land mines created from Micro-Oxygen in the ground beneath an opponents feet. These mines explode on her command. She uses this attack in her battle with the Strauss Sisters, using it on Lisanna, the Mothra Twins and Erza Scarlet.

Oxygen Annihilation: From the flower-like chest piece on her armored body, Destoroyah can fire a colossal blast of purple Micro-Oxygen energy like a living cannon. This blast is her most powerful attack and she only uses it during dire emergences as it requires a lot of energy to pull it off. She was able to use this attack against Erza and manage to destroy her Giant Armor.

Breakdown: Destoroyah has the ability to split into multiple smaller creatures which are her Juvenile forms and Aggregate forms. She uses this technique to attack groups of humans and can even attack Godzilla in a weaken state. In this form, Destoroyah relies on strength in numbers. She can also use this technique to make an escape when she finds herself overpowered by an opponent. She also used this technique to take one both Anguirus and Erza. This ability is somewhat similar to Hedorah's Reform ability.

  • Inner-Jaws: In her Juvinile and Aggregate forms, Destoroyah has an extending-secondary jaw that they use to bite opponents.

Flight: Using the two pairs of wings on her back, Destoroyah is capable of flight, despite her huge size. She can even flight while grabbing or dragging an opponent.

Immense Strength: Destoroyah is shown to be a real juggernaut in battle. Being able to rival Godzilla in physical strength and even overpower him one-on-one. Her great size means she can land on top her opponents and leaving them struggling to get free as see with her battle Panther Lily and Rodan. The clawed-tip on her tail is capable of grabbing opponents and dragging. Throwing them, being strong enough to throw Godzilla and drag Anguirus. She is fast enough to take down Rodan in mid-flight. She was able to easily overpower Anguirus one-on-one even to the point of nearly killing him. She also shown to be a strong swimmer, engaging in underwater battles.

Immense Durability: Destoroyah's armored body is not just for show, for it has been shown to be strong enough to easily protect her from a direct blast of Godzilla's Atomic Breath as well as most other attacks. However, this armored body can also be a liability, as it makes her move rather slow when moving on land, though she is able to move rather swiftly in the air and under water.