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The Earth Defenders are a Kaiju Faction that was founded by Godzilla, the King of the Monsters and arguable the strongest Kaiju on Terra. The entire faction is made up of most of the Terran Kaiju that took part in the battle against the Cryogs and the Trilopods. The faction was formed with the purpose of protecting the world and to promote peace between kaiju and humans.


Monster Island

After the battle against the Trilopods and the Cryogs, the Earth Defenders recently took refuge on the Monster Islands located in the Pacific Ocean after the government abandoned them when the Trilopods invaded and captured all the Kaiju stored there.

After they were transported into Earth Land, the Earth Defenders are taken in by Fairy Tail and even become members of the guild.


The Earth Defenders are comprised of Kaiju who all posses different and unique abilities and powers that make each one dangerous in its own right. With Godzilla as their leader, the Earth Defenders are a deadly force to be reckoned with (according to SpaceGodzilla), such as when they were able to eliminate the combined forces of the Naked Mummy and Dark Unicorn Guilds with relative ease in Chapter 4 of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth Land and when they were able to beat back the army of Trilopod hybrids unleashed in Los Angeles.


The Earth Defenders were formed by Godzilla and most of the Kaiju involved in the battle against the Trilopods for the purpose of safeguarding Terra from another extraterrestrial invasion or from other, more malicious Terran Kaiju who seek to disrupt the balance of the planet, as well as promote peace and coexistence between humans and Kaiju.


Name Species Information Status
Godzilla Irradiated Godzillasaurus The Founder/Leader of the Earth Defenders. Godzilla is the King of the Monsters and an irradiated Godzillasaurus that was mutated by the Castle Bravo hydrogen bomb in 1954. After over half a century of causing mass destruction upon the humans, he finally abandoned his hatred for them and created the Earth Defenders with the hope of creating a new future of human/kaiju coexistence. Godzilla holds great trust in the members of his team. Active
Anguirus Irradiated Ankylosaur The Vice-Leader of the Earth Defenders. He was originally a normal Ankylosaur that became frozen around the time of the CT Extinction before being mutated by nuclear testing on Iwoto Island in 1955. He was discovered in 1967 and was the first Kaiju to fight Godzilla, but over time became one of his closest friends and allies and often acts as the leader of the team when Godzilla is somewhere else. Active
Rodan Irradiated Pteranodon Rodan's egg was layed during the CT Extinction in a volcano that would later be Mount Aso. While laying dormant, he was exposed to nuclear tests near the volcano and mutated into a irradiated pterosaur in 1956. Starting out as a rival of Godzilla but eventually become a loyal ally. His mate Radon and his daughter along with a human boy named Ethan he adopted were all killed by Megaguirus while he was away. Like Anguirus, Rodan was a frequent ally of Godzilla before he joined the Earth Defender, seeing Godzilla as an ideal leader. Active
King Caesar Ancient Shisa King Caesar was an artificially created Kaiju made by a combination of ancient science and magic and was given life when an unnamed soldier under the Azumi Royal Family gave up his own soul. He served as the Guardian of Okinawa as well as protector of the Azumi Family until both were destroyed during his battle with Megalon. After being reawaken and helping defeat the Trilopods, King Caesar joined the Earth Defenders and became a good friend of Godzilla's. Active
Mothra Lea Divine Moth Mothra Lea is the daughter of the Guardian of Mortals, Mothra, and the niece of the Guardian of Terra, Battra. After her mother was killed by Battra while he was under the possession of Minnete and Mallory, she and her twin brother Baby Mothra (later renamed Mothra Leo) were allowed to join the Earth Defenders on Monster Islands by Godzilla, who acted as a foster father to them as a way of repaying Mothra for all of her kindness to him. Active
Mothra Leo Divine Moth Mothra Leo is the son of Mothra and the nephew of Battra, as well as the twin brother of Mothra Lea. After his mother was killed by Battra, he joined his sister on Monster Islands and were adopted into the Earth Defenders by Godzilla, who acted as a foster father for them as his way of thanking their mother. Active
The Shobijin Unknown The Shobijin are two tiny humanoid girls who serve as priestess to Mothra, being born in the aftermath of the Toba Extinction. After Mothra is killed by Battra under order of Minette and Mallory, the Shobijin watched over Mothra's offspring and helped the humans during the Trilopod Invasion. As Mothra Lea and Leo were accepted into the Earth Defenders, The Shobijin were also granted membership and served as translators for the Mothra Twins. Active
Gorosaurus Mutated Giant Dinosaur Gorosaurus was a naturally mutated theropod dinosaur that luckily survived the CT Extinction after becoming frozen like Anguirus and remained in a deep slumber for millions of years until 2014. After reawakening and helping defeat the Trilopods, he joined the Earth Defenders. Active
Manda Sea Dragon Manda was given life as a result of the remaining seven of the Eight Guardians of Terra using the last of their power to create a new line of guardian kaiju before their passing. She was a stray kaiju (meaning she had no alliance to anyone), but became good friends with King Caesar before she was attacked and mind-controlled by the Devonians, which was eventually broken many years later when Godzilla destroyed the Devonian capital. Two years after the Trilopod War, she decided to join the Earth Defenders in the hope of getting her life back in order and feels eternally grateful that Godzilla gave her a second chance at a new life. Active
Varan Giant Gliding Reptile Varan was also another kaiju given life after the remaining seven of the Eight Guardians of Terra sacrificed themselves to create a new line of guardian kaiju. During the battle between King Caesar and Megalon in the Ryukyu Kingdom, Varan and Ebirah also got into a heated battle that caused many of the kingdoms citizens to be killed as they tried to flee and got caught in the middle. He was soon reawakened in 2010. After helping defeat the Trilopods, Varan decided to join the Earth Defenders in the hope of redeeming himself. Active
Baragon Subterranean Reptile Baragon is yet another kaiju created by the remaining seven of the Eight Guardians. After the battle between King Caesar and Megalon that brought an end to the Second Age of Guardian Kaiju, Baragon went into hiding before reappearing nearly a thousand years later in 2010. After helping defeat the Trilopods, he later joined the Earth Defenders. Active
Kumonga Giant Spider Kumonga was mutated by nuclear testing near Solgell Island in 1956, turning him into a giant spider. He had served as an occasional enemy/ally of Godzilla before becoming a full ally and joining the Earth Defenders after the Trilopod War and even formed a team alongside Kamoebas, Zilla, and Titanosaurus. Active
Kamoebas Mutated Rock Turtle Kamoebas was originally a normal rock turtle before he along with Ganimes and Gezora were mutated and controlled by the alien Yog sometime before the CT Extinction. However, Yog was killed after losing control of them, and after reawakening and helping defeat the Trilopods, Kamoebas joined the Earth Defenders and formed a team along with Kumonga, Zilla and Titanosaurus. Active
Zilla Irradiated Marine Iguana Zilla is an mutant iguana and the only surviving daughter of the original Zilla that was killed in New York in 1998. Having remained hidden from the world since the death of her mother, she later reappeared in 2010 and fought Godzilla, but after helping defeat the Trilopods four years later, she joined him as a member of the Earth Defenders and formed a team along with Kamoebas, Kumonga, and Titanosaurus. Active

Former Members

Kaiju who had once been members of the Earth Defenders but have since left to either go rogue or defect to another Faction.

Name Species Information Status
Titanosaurus Aquatic Dinosaurs Titanosaurus is an aquatic dinosaur that survived the CT Extinction and remained dormant before being mutated and awoken as a result of nuclear testing near the Ogasawara Islands in 1956. He originally was an Earth Defender before he was abducted by the Simians, only to be saved by SpaceGodzilla and persuaded to join the Earth Conquerors. Active


Kaiju and creature who are also protectors of Terra, but are not members of the Earth Defenders include:

Name Species Information Status
Mothra Divine Moth A Divine Moth and the former Guardian of Mortals until her death at the hands of Battra. Deceased
Radon Irradiated Pteranodon A mutated Pteranodon and the mate of Rodan before her death at the hands of Megaguirus. Deceased
Jet Jaguar Mecha A robot created by the grandfather of Yumi Nagata that has repeatedly helped Godzilla numerous times before going into shutdown following the Trilopod War. Inactive
Kiryu Mecha A mecha constructed to combat Godzilla and other Kaiju. It was severely damaged during the battle against the Trilopods. Inactive
M.O.G.U.E.R.A. Mecha A mecha made up of the Star Falcon and the Land Moguera combined to combat Kaiju. It was severely damaged during the battle against the Trilopods. Inactive
Super MechaGodzilla Mecha A mecha constructed to combat Godzilla and other Kaiju. It was damaged following a battle against Hedorah. Inactive