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Gabara is a current member of the Earth Conquerors and is known as the Nightmare Beast. He was an old adversary of King Caesar over a thousand years ago during the second age of Guardian Kaiju until he was supposedly killed. He was eventually found by SpaceGodzilla and recruited into his group.


Gabara is bipedal in structure, having four-fingered clawed hands and three-toes clawed feet. While he is an amphibian, Gabara's face is very cat-like, his eyes are reddish orange and he posses a pair of cat-like ears. He has orange/ginger fur on his head. Gabara also has three horns on his head. His skins is very bumpy and scaly, being turquoise in color. The scales that lead from his stomach to his neck however are very large and yellow in color.

When he summons lightening into his body through Exodus: Release, his muscles expand and grow which causes him to increase in height. His veins begin to become visible as they protrude and glow purple on areas of his body.


Gabara is a very loud and vulgar Kaiju who enjoys mocking his foes, and is incredibly brash and ruthless, attacking without mercy. He also seems to show great enjoyment in torturing his enemies with electricity and also enjoys verbally tormenting them, which was shown when he taunted King Caesar for not being able to defend the Ryukyu Kingdom when Megalon attacked a thousand years earlier. Like most of the other Earth Conquerors, he harbors a deep hatred towards humans, believing that Kaiju should be the dominant species on Terra. He greatly enjoys pushing people's buttons but when they do the same back, he can be easily angered.

However, after getting dropped from a cliff on Tenrou Island by King Caesar in his berserk-state and returning for a rematch, Gabara becomes more serious and actually rage induced as he want to take down King Caesar after begin defeated twice by him. In his Exodus: Release state he seems more savage and monstrous towards his opponents, literally going insane.


Gabara at some point encountered King Caesar a thousand years before the present when he attacked a small village outside the Ryukyu Kingdom until he was engaged by King Caesar. During the battle, Gabara fell from the side of a high cliff and remained in a deep coma for a thousand years.


Power Horn: From the horns atop his head, Gabara can fire a huge blast of purple lighting towards an opponent. He uses this attack in battle against Cana and King Caesar.

Grip Shock: When he grabs onto an opponent, Gabara can channel electricity to his hand so he can electrocute them. He uses this attack on both Gray and Loke and also uses it to knock-out King Caesar.

Thunder Jupiter: Gabara can create a sphere of blue electric energy in his hand and toss it towards an opponent. He uses this attack to take down Lucy and in his battle with King Caesar.

Thunder Clobber: Gabara surrounds his fist in blue lightning energy so he can deliver an electrical punch. He first uses this to combat Loke's Regulus Impact. However this attack had not effect on King Caesar in his Berserk-Mode.

Parabolic Firebolts: From his hands, Gabara can fire massive blasts of electricity. He used this attack in his battle with King Caesar.

Thunder Missile Claw: From the tips of his claws, Gabara can fires bolts of electricity towards his opponent. The sound is akin to a shotgun. He used this in his battle against King Caesar and Gray.

Exodus: Release: If he wants to increase his power, Gabara can call upon storm clouds to forms a tornado and summon a giant bolt of lighting to strike him. When this bolt strikes him, his muscles expand and grow and his height increases. Purple veins bulge from his body and his eye go completely white. In this form Gabara's strength and speed are increase and his electricity becomes more devastating. He also becomes more savage in this mode.

Wild Thunder: Gabara raises his hands above his head and channel large amounts a electrical energy into his hands, creating a crackling electrical ord. When he has enough power, a giant bolt of lighting fired towards a target.

Immense Strengh: Gabara posses great strength and speed. He is able to take on multiple opponents like Gray, Lucy, Cana and Loke and easily overpower them. He is also fast enough to dodge their attacks. His strength is increased further with Exodus: Release, allowing him to overpower both King Caesar and Gray.

Enhanced Speed: Gabara is shown to posses great speed and can move fast enough to catch opponent off guard. In his Exodus: Release form, his speed is greatly increased.

Immense Durability: Surprisingly Gabara has been shown to be incredibly durable. Like King Caesar, Gabara was able to survive thousands of years in a come before he was dug up by SpaceGodzilla. On Tenrou Island, Gabara was even able to survive being blasted off a cliff by King Caesar in Berserk-Mode after getting his arm broken. His arm was able to heal afterwards. He was even able withstand getting his skin pierced by Gray's Ice-Make Magic.