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Ganimes is a current member of the Earth Conquerors. He was originally a normal stone crab before being mutated by the alien Yog before disappearing following his death. He eventually resurfaced following The Trilopod War and joined the Earth Conquerors.


Ganimes resembles a bipedal stone crab with an armored red exoskeleton with thick red spikes protruding from the sides and running down his spine. He also has an armored yellow chest with two crab-like legs around each hip. Like Ebirah, he sports strong, sharp pincers, with his left one being larger thicker while his right one is smaller and more spear-like. His legs are thick and are spiked at the knees and has three sharp toes on his feet. On some parts of his body, Ganimes has red hair.


Ganimes has been shown to be very loud and obnoxious like Gabara and enjoys taunting his opponents, all while constantly laughing at them. He also has been shown to be easily angered when others taunt him, such as when he got angry when Baragon referred to him and Dagahra as 'common grunts'.


During the Cretaceous Period, Ganimes was originally a normal stone crab that inhabited what would eventually be Sergio Island along with a rock turtle and a cuttlefish, who would later become Kamoebas and Gezora. At some point, the alien Yog came to Terra and mutated the three into Kaiju in the hopes of conquering the primitive world, but lost control over them and was killed before all three of them went their separate ways.


Bubble Cannon: From his mouth, Ganimes can fire bubbles. These bubbles are very explosive and detonate on contact with a target. They can also be uses to cancel an opponents projectile attack as seen when they are used against Gajeel Redfox's Iron Dragon Spear: Demon Log.

Scalding Spray: Another attack that Ganimes can fire from his mouth, the crab unleashes a spray of scalding water that can burn opponents. He was able to use this attack against Kamoebas and the spray was hot enough to burn the turtle's hide.

Stone Hammer: Using his larger thicker claw, Ganimes can slammed opponents down into the ground with devastating force. He primarily used this attack against Gajeel.

Immense Strength: Ganimes is shown to posses a great amount of strength when in battle. He is shown to be strong enough to overpower Gajeel in their first battle. Thanks to his two different pincers, Ganimes can smash opponents with the large pincer and with the thinner pincer he is capable of cutting opponents, for example, he used his thin claw to slice off one of Kumonga's legs.

Durability: Thanks to hard exoskeleton, Ganimes is able to take a beating such being able take some attacks from some of the Earth Defenders and the Fairy Tail mages. His exoskeleton is also durable enough to withstand blows from Gajeel, whose attacks can be strong enough to punch through steel walls.