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I used to think that mankind was an abomination at its worst, and a self-destructive annoyance at its best. I remember in the early years I tried to destroy them, so that no one else would have to experience that agony that made me who I am today. That said, they're still a part of this world...and that's something I've learned to accept.

-Godzilla to SpaceGodzilla in "One Last Game"


Godzilla is one of the founders and the leader of the Earth Defenders, and is known as the King of the Monsters. He was born on Lagos Island in the Pacific Ocean until he was mutated by the Castle Bravo hydrogen bomb in 1945, then began attacking Tokyo, Japan in 1954. He was supposedly killed by the Oxygen Destroyer created by Dr. Daisuke Serizawa, but somehow survived and continued to wander the planet ever since, causing mayhem and destruction where ever he went before forming the Earth Defenders along with several other Terran Kaiju.


Godzilla's appearance

Before his mutation, Godzilla was a Godzillasaurus, a bipedal theropod dinosaur with brown skin and small arms. His body was riddled with scars from previous encounters with other animals when he was younger, but these scars seemed to disappear after his mutation.

Currently, he is a large, irradiated, reptilian dinosaur-like creature standing at 100 meters tall and about 200 meters long from snout to tail. He has a very heavy and intimidating build that is covered in charcoal grey skin and has three rows of sharp, jagged white dorsal spines that run down his back from the back of his head all the way down to the base of his long tail. These spines glow neon blue when Godzilla uses his Atomic Breath. He has decent sized arms that allow him to grab objects or opponents and two very muscular legs with large feet that are tipped with four sharp toe-claws. His head and face have some very saurian-like features, with a mouth filled with sharp, conical teeth and small ears-like protrusions near the back of its head.

After becoming a member of Fairy Tail, Godzilla was given a Guild Mark, with his being light blue and located on his left arm.


Before his mutation, Godzilla was content with his life on his home on Lagos Island with his parents. After they both passed away, Godzilla grew up feeling lonely and desired to find others who were like him so he could no longer feel alone in the world. However, after being mutated by the American hydrogen bomb and witnessing his home be destroyed, Godzilla became enraged and vengeful towards humanity and vowed to make them suffer like him. He carried this vengeful personality for around half-a-century.

Godzilla has also been shown to carry a valiant fighting spirit and often tracks down and battles opposing Kaiju he deems a threat to himself or to his home world. However, despite his anger towards most things, Godzilla has been shown to have some sympathy and gratefulness towards others who help him, such as when he seemed to thank Mothra and her chidren for aiding him in his battle against Destoroyah. He also has a very strong friendship and rivalry with Anguirus, the two often getting into a friendly competition or even joining forces against strong enemies. This was shown when Anguirus came to Godzilla's aid in his battle against Mecha-King Ghidorah and several Cryog-controlled MechaGodzillas.

According to a professional stuntman who had climbed Godzilla, it was revealed that all Godzilla wants in life is to live in peace and tranquility. At some point either before or after the battle against the Trilopods and the Cryogs, Godzilla seemed to have abandoned his rage for humanity and felt somewhat regretful about the terrible things he did to them, though he is still by no means soft and doesn't appear to fully trust them aside from a few select individuals.

Whilst on Terra, Godzilla had a particular friendship with one known human, Miki Saegusa. Through her psychic abilities, Miki tried to influence Godzilla to avoid attacking cities, and in the past, Godzilla would sometimes listen to these warnings and other times ignored them. However, in an incident in 2010, both Godzilla and Miki's minds became directly connected to the point that they were able to look into each other's past. Godzilla saw what had unfolded in Miki's past, with her parents having been killed in the 2001 attack by King Ghidorah and felt guilty for what had happened to her, having seen the destruction he and other Kaiju had caused through the eyes of a human. It was through Miki that Godzilla saw that not all humans are the same and believed that there could be a chance of coexistence between humans and the Kaiju.

He does, however, harbor a deep hatred for SpaceGodzilla and has been shown to have become very protective of Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and Happy, having becoming his first new friends upon arriving in Earth Land. This was shown when Godzilla angrily attacked Zancrow of Grimoire Heart for hurting Natsu and Makarov Dreyar, further showing that regardless of his newfound beliefs, he still has no qualms with attacking humans that display malicious intent.


Godzilla was one of the last of the Godzillasaurus Maximus, a species of ancient dinosaurs that were able to survive the Cretaceous Extinction and flourished on the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. However, due to changes in the climate and the evolution of humans, the Godzillasaurus race began to slowly die off until only Godzilla along with his mother and father were the only ones left (until his parents also eventually passed away), inhabiting Lagos Island. Then, on March 1st, 1954, the Bikini Atoll was struck by the Castle Bravo hydrogen bomb, which irradiated and destroyed his home. Godzilla was also mutated in the process and this drove him into a blood-thirsty rage as he vowed to make the humans pay for what they did to him.


Due to his mutation by the Castle Bravo atomic bomb, Godzilla's body has basically become a walking nuclear reactor, often times needing to feed on nuclear energy in order to keep himself going. He possesses the ability to harness this nuclear energy into powerful beams of energy that he shoots from his mouth or into devastating shock waves that he unleashes from his body when surrounded by multiple enemies.

  • Atomic Breath: Godzilla's signature attack, which is also called his Atomic Roar, in which his spines begin to glow with neon blue light before he unleashes a devastating beam of raw nuclear energy at his desired targets. He has also been shown to increase the strength and destructive power of this attack depending on how long he charges it up.
  • Spiral Breath: A much stronger version of Godzilla's Atomic Breath, also known as his Spiral Atomic Roar, this attack is similar only it is more concentrated and it is surrounded by a purple spiral of energy. This attack contains explosive power and was used to defeat Titanosaurus after only being used once.
  • Nuclear Pulse Blast: By making his spines glow and gathering enough nuclear power into his body, Godzilla can release a powerful shock wave that is powerful enough to knock over buildings and even multiple enemy Kaiju that have him backed into a corner.

Burning Mode: During the final battle against Magita, Godzilla absorbed the power of the other Terran Kaiju in order to unlock this form. In this form, Godzilla's body temperature skyrockets to unimaginable levels to the point that he was able to melt through Magita's tough armored body by simply walking up to her. However, this power boost has been shown to be able to take quite a toll on his body and burns through his radiation levels depending on how long he uses it for.

  • Burning Atomic Breath: A much more powerful version of Godzilla's Atomic Breath (or Atomic Roar), only instead of being neon blue, it is a bright reddish-orange with a white electrical spiral wrapped around it. This attack was first used during the final confrontation against Magita when Godzilla absorbed the power of the other Terran Kaiju and was enough to seriously injure her.
  • Nuclear Fusion Blast: A more powerful version of Godzilla's Nuclear Pulse Blast, this attack was used to finish off Magita and was strong enough to almost completely disintegrate her entire body, leaving only chard bones and flesh behind.

Immense Strength: Godzilla has been known for having immense physical strength and for being able to fight on par with enemies much larger than himself such as King Ghidorah, Destroyah, Biollante and Kaiser Ghidorah. He is strong enough knock down buildings and use his powerful tail to topple over enemies.

Immense Durability: In addition to being extremely resistant to serious damage, Godzilla posses an extremely advanced and highly efficient regenerative ability. This healing factor is seen in most other Kaiju, though Godzilla's is known for being more fast acting and efficient. However, it would be inherited by all creatures spawned from Godzilla's DNA, those being Biollante, Orga, and SpaceGodzilla, the former two's healing factor appears to even exceed Godzilla's own in terms of speed and efficiency.

Enhanced Speed: Despite his bulky appearance, Godzilla's speed and reflexes are fast and impressive. While he is incapable of moving at swift speeds or dodging attacks in the blink of an eye, it is enough for him to fight on par with more agile foes like Gigan and Monster X. However, he has been shown to be able to be much faster and more maneuverable underwater. This allows him to be able to fight on equal footing with even Manda and Gezora.

Enhanced Senses: Godzilla possesses a keen sense of hearing, sight and smell that surpasses normal animals. This 'sixth sense' allows him to detect and track enemy kaiju from extremely far distances.

Intelligence: Godzilla reacts on animal cunning and instinct, though he is still capable of independent thought and even of human-like intelligence, which is shown after the Trilopod War and after coming to Fairy Tail. He has also demonstrated the ability to solve problems, such as when he realized that Mecha-King Ghidorah was being psychically controlled through several radio antennas and that destroying them would weaken the connection. He also posses a certain level of psychic power, possibly the most powerful in existence. His ability to track down enemies from far distances and constant evasion from sonar detection are implications of precognition.

Amphibious Lifestyle: Though technically a reptile and not an amphibian, Godzilla has an amphibious lifestyle. He spends half of his life underwater and the other on land. He is as adept a fighter underwater as he is on land. Capable of marching on the sea floor or swimming by undulating his tail like a crocodile, Godzilla is displayed as being able to breathe underwater, or occasionally hibernating in the ocean depths.