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Gorosaurus is an ancient Kaiju that survived the KT Extinction and was in a deep sleep for millions of years before being awaken during the Trilopod invasion. He is currently a founding and current member of the Earth Defenders.


Gorosaurus is a blue colored theropod dinosaur with a yellow tint on his underbelly and has skin with pronounced scaly bumps. He has a row of triangular plates running down the middle of his back, as well as a bipedal stance, strong legs, arms just slightly longer than an average theropod, and a large head. Like Anguirus, Gorosaurus also sports a small spike on the tip of his tail.

After joining Fairy Tail, Gorosaurus is given a Guild Mark. His guild mark is yellow and placed on his left hip.


Gorosaurus is a calm, wise and easy going Kaiju and is described as an old war veteran type. While he isn't afraid to get into a good fight every now and then, he is weary when it comes to the safety and well being of his comrades when facing strong opponents. When it comes to facing powerful foes, Gorosaurus is very precise and ruthless, striking opponents vulnerable spots fast and hard. However, he can also become quite ravenous should any harm come to his comrades, or if he finds himself being threatened by powerful enemy's, such as when he was forced to fight off a small army of Trilopods by himself after first awakening from his 65 million year sleep.


Gorosaurus is an ancient Kaiju that was naturally mutated Allosaurus fragilis and was one of the first ancient Kaiju tasked with keeping natural balance during the Cretaceous Period. During the KT Extinction caused by King Ghidorah and DesGhidorah, Gorosaurus survived, but was sealed away for millions of years.


Immense Strength: Gorosaurus is one of the strongest physical fighters among the Earth Defenders, being just as physically strong or even stronger that Godzilla. His jaws posses great big bite, being able to rip the arm of a Trilopod. Being a theropod dinosaur, he lacks usage with his small arms, but possesses great strength in his legs. This strength allows him to jump at great heights that defy his bulky size.

  • Kangaroo Kick: Aside from the usual tooth and claw trait, Gorosaurus has the ability to perform a "kangaroo kick" against his enemies. This attack is Gorosaurus' most popular trait.

Roar Attack: When facing off against Kain alongside Lisanna, Cana, Levy and Mothra Leo, Gorosaurus attempts to test an idea for an new attack to aid in defeating Kain. By sucking in a deep breath, Gorosaurus unleashes a load roar that produces soundwaves. This attack does not yet have a name.

Enhanced Speed: Despite his appearance, Gorosaurus is able to run at very fast speeds thanks to the additional strength in his legs, making him able to charge at enemies and catch them off guard with his speed.

Keen Intelligence: While most people believe theropod dinosaurs to be slow and stupid, this is not the case for Gorosaurus. He is able to quickly analyze his opponents while in battle and able to exploit any sort of flaw or weakness of there's. He also has been shown to be quick to improvise while in battle and take advantage of an enemies weakness and turn it against them.