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The Kilaaks are a race of female humanoid aliens that lived on the Planet Kilaak, they were wiped out in The Thousand Year War.


In appearance, the Kilaaks are humanoid in appearance and they almost resembles humans but they lack a nose. They always wear a silver clothing which is unknown if its part of their physical body.

However this humanoid form is not their true form as their true form is a small metallic worm like form which they transform back into when the temperature drops to below 45.


The Kilaaks lived on their home planet of Planet Kilaak but they soon got caught up in a great war alongside with other alien races: The Thousand Year War. Their forced allied with the Simians and the Millenians against the Xilians, Nebulans and Devonians. At some point they discovered Hedorah who was on one of their moons and they managed to capture him as their weapon. During the war, they set an invasion on the Devonian home world, sending Hedorah as their main weapon. Soon the Devonians contacted the Xilians who sent Monster X to deal with Hedorah, the battle ultimately resulted in the destruction of the Devonians' planet.

When the war ended, the Kilaaks along with the other races are wiped out as a result of their battles and as a resulted, Hedorah is freed from their control.


Advanced Technology: The Kilaaks possessed advance technology such as advanced weapon and space craft.

High Temperature Immunity: The Kilaaks were able to maintain their humanoid form in extremely high temperature and as a result they are immune to the harmful affects of high temperature. However as a result if they are exposed to temperatures 45 they are forced to transform into their worm form.