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Kiryu is an Anti-Godzilla weapon created specifically to combat Godzilla and other Kaiju. The first Kiryu was destroyed during a battle against King Ghidorah and Gigan in 2002, the second by Godzilla in 2006, and the third was damaged in 2014 during The Trilopod War.


Like other MechaGodzillas, Kiryu's design is based off the very creature is was built to combat: Godzilla. However unlike other MechaGodzillas, Kiryu's design is sleeker and more cybernetic, and his appearances closer resembles Godzilla than other designs as it has Godzilla's similar body proportions including a long tail and dorsal spines.

The metal body of Kiryu is silver with the exposed cybernetic parts that allow Kiryu to move being colored in a more darker grey. Its eyes are yellow and on its forehead is a metal crest-like structure that extends upward towards the back of its head and on either side of the head are ear like protrusions similar to Godzilla's. Beneath the eyes are scar-like lights that sometimes glow red when ever Kiryu roars. On its chest are three plates that cover the Absolute Zero Cannon, in Kiryu's resent model the left chest plate has "MFS-3" written on it.

During its designs during 2002 and 2006, Kiryu is given two blue rocket launchers are attached to its shoulders, while blue railguns are attached to its wrists. In its 2010 upgrade, the rocket launches are changes to silver and the railguns are replaced by with twin laser cannons.


Being a mecha, Kiryu does not posses any sort of personality as it is piloted by humans and acts under their control.


The first Kiryu was built at some point before King Ghidorah and Gigan invaded Terra in 2001 and was constructed with "pieces" of Godzilla to improve its efficiency, but was was sucked into the Dimension Tide portal. The second Kiryu was built by a billionaire after taking a full X-Ray of Godzilla while he was buried under the mountains outside Washington D.C., but was heavily damaged during a battle with Monster X. The third and final Kiryu was built by the C.K.R. before being nearly destroyed during the Trilopod War.


Absolute Zero Cannon: Kiryu's most powerful weapon. Stored in its chest behind three plates, Kiryu is able to fire a ball of ice-energy towards an opponent and freeze them solid. This weapon was introduce in the second Kiryu in 2006 but during that time, it wasn't able to freeze opponents but simply blast them away, its likely that it was upgraded to be able to freeze opponents in he 2010 Kiryu, being able to freeze Destoroyah and a Trilopod Baragon. The problem with the Absolute Zero Cannon is that lots of Kiryu's energy is devoted to performing this attack and so it can drain his energy.

Flight: Using the thrusters in its legs and a flight-pack on its back, Kiryu is capable of taking flight at incredible speeds. While the flight-pack was used with the first two versions of Kiryu, the third version instead had an extra pair of thrusters build into the back of its shoulder cannons.

Triple Hyper Maser Cannon: From its mouth and the twin cannons on it's shoulders, Kiryu can fire beams of energy. He used this attack in his battle with King Ghidorah and Gigan.

Missiles: From its flight-pack in the first and second Kiryu and the weapons pod in the third Kiryu, Kiryu fires missiles towards his opponents. He can uses the missiles to inflect damage onto opponents or to simple disorient them like with Baragon.

Duel Laser Cannons: On its forearms, Kiryu has a pair of duel laser cannons that can blasts of energy at opponents. The design for these weapons were further upgrade in the latest Kiryu.

Immense Strength: Kiryu has shown to be strong enough to hold onto Kaiju during flight such as Godzilla, Gigan, Baragon and Anguirus. However, with Kaiju that are meant to be transported from different locations, Kiryu uses Grappling Cables to secure them without seriously harming them.

Godzilla DNA: In the case of the first Kiryu, the A.M.F managed to implement some of Godzilla's DNA into Kiryu in order to know more about Godzilla and it possibly increased the durability of Kiryu's metal body. Its unknown if the later Kiryu's have any of Godzilla's DNA in them, but the second Kiryu's structure and design based around Godzilla's X-Ray.