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Kumonga is a founding and current member of the Earth Defenders. He is a gigantic spider that was native to Solgell Island in the Pacific that was mutated by nuclear testing before making his first appearance in Accra, Ghana in 1975. He has been an occasional ally of Godzilla before joining the Earth Defenders alongside several other Terran Kaiju.


Kumonga's appearance is very spider-like with eight long legs tipped with a single long claw tipping each leg, an arachnid mouth, and eight bright blue eyes with black pupils. His eyes often turn red when he gets angry or excited. Kumonga's body is covered in numerous bright and vivid gold and brown stripes that cross over each other, making a complex pattern on the top of his body.

After being accepted into Fairy Tail, Kumonga is given a Guild Mark. His Guild Mark is green and located on top of his abdomen.


Kumonga has been shown to have be incredibly wild and uncontrollable when he gets too excited, often times making aggressive statements such as how he wants to tear limbs off or breaking someone's skull, which often to the other Earth Defenders to calm him down by pointing out how too over-the-top he's being.

Otherwise, when he isn't too excited or angry, he becomes quite mellow and behaves normally, though the other Earth Defenders are often wary of when he will have another crazy outburst again. It is also implied that Kumonga has a very large appetite and will continuously eat for hours at a time without getting full.

Kumonga shares a good relationship with his comrades, mainly with Kamoebas and Zilla, as well as Titanosaurus (before he defected) as the four of them formed a team within the Earth Defenders (With Kumonga always thinking of a name for the team). At times, Kumonga sometimes gets into arguments with Kamoebas.

After learning that Titanosaurus had joined the Earth Conquerors, Kumonga along with with Kamoebas and Zilla became very hurt by this but the three of them still never lost hope in their team leader. Kumonga is shown to still be defensive about Titanosaurus such as when Rustyrose was talking about how Titanosaurus had abandon them, angering the spider.


Kumonga started out as a normal spider that resided on Solgell Island before being mutated by nuclear testing near the island, turning him into a giant spider. At some point after this, he encountered Kamacuras, who also lived on the island, and the two developed a serious rivalry. Both Kumonga and Kamacuras eventually left Solgell Island and making their way to the major continents in December 12, 1967.


Viscious Threads: As a spider, Kumonga can shoot a thick webbing from his mandibles which he can use to wrap up enemies, a tactic he has used in his battles with Godzilla, Gigan and the Trilopod/Anguirus Hybrid. He can also use the webbing to create large web systems as seen in the Grand Canyon.

Death Net: Kumonga can shoot a stream of yellow-webbing towards an opponent which suddenly expands into a giant net shaped like a spider web to trap and ensnare opponents. The net is made from some of the strongest webbing he can create, Kumonga has used this technique on Monster X and against Cana Alberona's Team in the S-Class Wizard Trial.

Poison Threads: This red-type of webbing has an acidic effect, as seen when is melts through Aries's Wool Wall.

Paralysis Threads: A green-type of webbing that is coated with a secretion that renders an opponents body motionless. It expands into a spider web-like net so it can ensnare opponents. This attack is used when battling Kamacuras.

Stinger: In his mouth, Kumonga posses a needle-like stinger that holds a venom.

Venom Stingers: From his mouth, Kumonga can launch multiple small purple bards towards and opponent, puncturing their skin and hide.

Regeneration: When Kumonga has a leg severed or ripped off as seen in his battle with Godzilla and Gigan, he is able to regenerate another in its place.