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Manda is an ancient sea serpent Kaiju meant to preserve the natural balance of Terra thousands of years ago after the Toba Extinction. She spent over thousand of years under the Devonians' control until they were destroyed by Godzilla and later joined the Earth Defenders following The Trilopod War.


Manda's appearance

Manda's features are that of an Oriental dragon with four long horns on its head, a fairly long snout, reptilian pupils, four short legs with sharp claws, and a serpentine-like body. Her neck is very thick and manifests into the appearance of fans around its neck forming a hood, similar to most species of cobras.

Manda's body sports small spikes growing out of her back and arms, with the extant of having a beard growing from her chin and having barbs growing from the sides of its body.

After joining Fairy Tail, Manda is given a Guild Mark. Her guild mark is dark blue and placed on the right side of her neck.


While being controlled by the Devonian's, she has been shown to be incredibly hostile and aggressive towards anyone she considers her enemy, such as when she, Titanosaurus, Gezora, and Destoroyah mercilessly attacked Godzilla in order for the Devonian's to move ahead with their plan to conqueror the surface. After being freed from their control, she was consumed by guilt recalling all the horrible acts she committed against her will and was willing to do anything to try and make amends for her past.

However, after joining the Earth Defenders, Manda has grown into a more friendly and caring Kaiju, especially towards her comrades, but can become quite serious and even intimidating when she needs to be, such as when she interrogated Dagahra by threatening to suffocate him. Upon entering the Earth Defenders, she wasn't feared or hated for her past as a former enemy of Godzilla, and she maintains a good relationship with the members of Fairy Tail as well as the other Defenders, especially King Caesar as the two known each other in the past.

She is also extremely protective of her comrades and will not hesitate to harm anyone who threatens them. When Meredy mentioned that Godzilla was meant to be the fourth target meant to be destroyed, she went into a violent rampage and brutally attacked her and Gezora.


During the Toba Extinction, Manda along with several other kaiju was created by the remaining seven of the Eight Guardians of Terra in order to keep Terra safe after their passing.

During the Age of Monsters, when Kaiju were responsible with keeping balance to nature, Manda was a stray Kaiju that often called "The Queen of the Sea's" due to her fierce, yet elegant appearance. At one point she encountered King Caesar, when she appeared in Okinawa, fisherman attacked and so she retaliated, King Caesar came to stop her and the misunderstanding was cleared up, she even gotten to know him. However, around the same time the Ryukyu Kingdom fell during the clash between King Caesar and Megalon, Manda was attacked by the Devonian's and was placed under their complete control for years.


Constriction: Being serpentine in her body structure, Manda can wrap her body around objects or enemies and crush them, similar to how snakes constrict their prey. The force of Manda's constriction is so great that she is able to restrain Kaiju like Godzilla, though with some difficulty.

Flash Fire: Manda is revealed to be able to spit out fireballs from her mouth that can cause damage to enemies and can even burn them.

Thunder Fang: It is revealed that Manda is able to release a strong electric discharge after biting them. This ability has been shown to be able to cause serious paralysis to enemies.

Immense Strength: Being a Kaiju from the Age of Monsters, Manda is able to handle strong enemies. Her strong serpentine body is able to wrap around other Kaiju and easily restrain them through constriction. She is also able to tail to strike opponents and knock them off their feet or send them flying. She can also use her sharp teeth in combat.

Enhanced Speed: Although she is quite slow on land, she is able to swim incredibly fast and is able to breath normally while submerged underwater.

Yellow Aura: Manda has the ability to generate an intense glowing yellow aura from her body, creating a shining light around her. This is usually triggered when she becomes angry. The aura itself can do damage as when Gezora was hold her, the aura seemed to burn him.

Inferno Nebula: A kaiju and mage Unison Raid that Manda performed with Juvia as they battled Gezora. Manda launches herself into the air while Juvia is on her back, Manda's glowing yellow Aura covers both her and Juvia. Juvia the creates a torrent of water that surrounds the both her and Manda. The aura increases in intensity as it begins surround the torrent of water as well, crating a comet of water and light. Together they crash into an opponent, unleashing their attack energy upon them.