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All there is, all there will ever be, is the will of the many against the voice of the few. I represent the multitude that had a claim to the world long before you arrived. And all of the world will bow before the will of me and my children.

-Megaguirus to Rodan in "Death From Above"


Megaguirus is a current member of the Earth Conquerors and is the Queen of the Meganulons. She is the descendant of the previous Megaguirus that survived the CT Extinction before being killed by Mothra in 1348. She was also responsible for the death of Rodan's mate Radon and adopted child.


Megaguirus resembles a hybrid between a reptile and an insect. She has bumpy purple skin and greenish spikes all over her body. Her head is reptilian in appearance, lacking insect antennae and possesses a reptilian tooth-filled mouth instead of mandibles like ordinary Meganula. Her underside possess visible pectoral and abdominal muscles. Megaguirus also posses a pair of large pincer-like claws and three pairs of legs. On her back are a pair wings similar to those of a dragonfly and at the end of her abdomen is a large stinger.


Megaguirus displays a vicious and greedy nature and seems to exist only to conqueror. She will stop at nothing to make her enemies suffer, such as when she continuously tried to torture Godzilla and steal his energy. Like Destoroyah, Megaguirus appears to toy with her enemies emotionally like when she tells Rodan how she killed his family or how she threatens to kill Wendy Marvell.

She also appears to have some sort of hatred for Rodan's species, as the Meganulon where once top predators before the flying reptiles took their place as top of the food chain. Because of this, Megaguirus wants to restore her species's place at the very top, with her ruling as queen.


Ancient Megaguirus attacks Gilder's group

The original Megaguirus was a prehistoric Meganulon that somehow survived the CT Extinction and remained dormant for millions of years. In 1348, she reappeared and attacked a group of royal knights led by the knight Gilder, slaughtering half of the group until Mothra appeared at fought her. She was defeated by Mothra and later killed by Gilder and his remaining knights after burning her body. However, at some point before her death, Megaguirus had laid a single egg, which would later hatch and give birth to the present day Megaguirus.


Stinger: Megaguirus uses her Stinger to pierce into an opponent's flesh, she then begins to drain the energy. As she absorbs the energy, the opponent is incapable of launching any additional energy-based attacks upon her. Once she siphons the energy from her opponent, she can use it to shoot her own energy weapon. This technique is used with her battle with Godzilla. Even when facing an opponent without energy, she can still inflict damage with the stinger alone, as seen when she stabbed Ebirah.

Royal Flare: Siphoned from the energy she gained from Godzilla in their last battle, Megaguirus is capable of generation a powerful blue fire ball from her chest and firing it at an opponent. The energy of this attack is made up of similar energy that makes up Godzilla's Atomic Breath. She has used this attack against both Godzilla and Rodan.

Veno-Discharge: From her stinger, Megaguirus can fire a purple blast of energy. When this attack hits an opponent it can make their body numb and leaving them vulnerable.

Enhanced Senses: Megaguirus is capable of sensing opponents from a large distance, as seen when she was able to track down Godzilla and Natsu's team. Her sense of smell is also enhanced as she was able to smell Rodan's scent from Wendy.

Meganulon Summon: Megaguirus is capable of summoning her army of Meganulon and Meganulon from an established nest. She can order them to target and attack opponents such as when the attacked Godzilla and the Fairy Tail wizards. Despite their small size compared to the kaiju, they are capable of inflicted damage onto Godzilla. They attack in swarms to overpower their target.

Flight: Using her wings, Megaguirus can fly at incredible speeds, being almost a mere blur in flight, allowing her to sneak up on enemies. The edges of her wings are also sharp, allowing her to cut objects as she flies past them.

Immense Strength: Megaguirus is shown to be strong enough to lift a kaiju as heavy as Godzilla, even while flying long distances. When she stings Godzilla in the leg, she is strong enough to drag him with her stinger. Her large pincer-claws can also provide some attack when in close-up combat.