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Mothra Lea (Lee-ah) is a current member of the Earth Defenders and is the daughter of Mothra The Guardian of Mortals, who was killed by Battra under the control of Minnete and Mallory, after which she and her brother Mothra Leo retreated to Monster Islands. After the Trilopod War, Godzilla welcomed Lea and Leo to the Earth Defenders in gratitude to them and their mother for aiding him in defeating Destoroyah years prior.


In her Larval stage, Mothra Lea resembled a large brown segmented caterpillar, with small blue eyes within crater like sockets. She had a pair of mandibles with small pair of tusks, one on each side of the mouth. Below her head were 3 pairs of small legs, and on the end of her tail was a spike that stuck upwards.

After emerging from her cocoon stage, Mothra Lea has entered Imago Stage much like her mother, only her Imago form appears more intimidating and insect-like. She has white fur and blue eyes like her mother and posses an eye pattern on her wings, but Lea's wings are much larger, narrower, and have the ability to change color from blue to orange depending on her mood. The color of her wings (while not glowing) have a red, orange, yellow and black coloration. Unlike her mother, Lea's head is much stockier and her abdomen has a more wasp-like shape as opposed to her mother's butterfly-like shape. Her front and mid-legs are pointed and more raptorial while her hind-legs are toed. She also has two feathered antennae atop her head and her mandibles open vertically rather than horizontally.

After becoming a member of Fairy Tail, Lea is given a pink Guild Mark on the largest portion of her segmented body. This helps differentiate her from her brother.


Mothra Lea has been shown to be very kind towards her brother and her teammates and also incredibly brave when facing danger, though she and her brother were shown to have a fear towards Destoroyah. She also seems to share a friendly relationship with Mirajane Strauss.

Once she entered her Imago form, Mothra Lea is shown to be quite the force to be reckoned with as she engages Biollante in combat and tried to protect her friends from danger. She is quite tactical in combat as she was able to learn that instead of targeting Biollante's tendrils, she should to target the main body.


Not much is known about Mothra Lea's past except that she and her brother were given birth by Mothra at some point before the events of the Devonian Arc around 2009.


Silk Shot: In her larval state, Mothra Lea's basic attack is to shoot a webbing from her mouth. With this webbing, she can entangle opponents, this technique being used on opponents like Bickslow, Battra and Destoroyah.

Antenna Beams: Much like her mother, Mothra Lea can fire twin beams of energy from her antenna's, though hers are blue in color.

Mana Lightning: Mothra Lea can also fire bolts of lighting from the undersides of her wings much like her mother, but like with her Antenna Beams, Lea's lightning is blue.

Immense Strength: While possessing powerful long-ranged attacks like Mothra, Lea's Imago Form appears designed to allow her to engage in close-quarters combat more effectively than her mother, having sharp raptorial front and mid-legs to slash at her enemies.

Flight: In her Imago state, Mothra Lea can fly at incredible speeds and with her streamlined body structure, she has great maneuverability. These design allows her to possibly fly even faster and more effectively in combat than her mother.

Immense Magic Power: As a Divine Moth, Mothra Lea has the ability to harness a certain level of magic and is one of the few Kaiju left in existence to do so. Almost all of her attacks possess levels of magic in them, making them much more harmful towards non-magic wielding Kaiju such as Biollante.