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Mothra Leo (Lee-oh) formally know as Baby Mothra is a current member of the Earth Defenders and is the son of Mothra The Guardian of Mortals, who was killed by Battra under the control of Minnete and Mallory, after which he and his sister Mothra Lea retreated to Monster Islands. After the Trilopod War, Godzilla welcomed Leo and Lea to the Earth Defenders in gratitude to them and their mother for aiding him in defeating Destoroyah years prior.


In his current Larval stage, Mothra Leo resembles a large brown segmented caterpillar. He has blues eyes within crater like sockets. He has a pair of mandibles with small pair of tusks, one on each side of the mouth. Below his head a 3 pairs of small legs and at the end of his tail is a spike that stick upwards.

After becoming a member of Fairy Tail, Leo is given a green Guild Mark on the largest portion of his segmented body. This helps differentiate him from his sister.


Mothra Leo has been shown as being very kind, yet also shy and timid at times. He often gets very afraid when he encounters a strong Kaiju like Destoroyah, but sometimes will brush aside his fears to protect those he cares about, such as when he attacked his uncle Battra by biting on one of his thorax pincers when he tried to attack Mothra, and also when he tried to help Mirajane Strauss and Lisanna Strauss fight off a group of soldiers from Grimoire Heart that invaded the Fairy Tail base camp on Tenrou Island. He also shares a friendly relationship with Lisanna.


Not much is known about Mothra Leo's history other than that he and his sister were given birth by Mothra at some point before the Devonian Arc, about 2009.


Silk Shot: In his larval state, Mothra Leo's basic attack is to shoot a webbing from his mouth. With this webbing, he can entangle opponents, this technique being used on opponents like Erza, Dark Guild Soldiers and Destoroyah.

Immense Strength: Despite his small size, Mothra Leo has been shown to pack a punch. His strong mandibles allow him to bite opponents like Battra. He is also a powerful swimmer like his sister.