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Sanda is a former member of the Earth Conquerors and is known as the Brown Gargantua. In China 2010, he witness his brother Gaira disappear into the sea after he was released from captivity. He eventually went to find his brother and are reunited until they face against Godzilla. Sanda and other earth Kaiju would fight against the Trilopods. Sanda was eventually forced to join the Earth Conquerors by SpaceGodzilla but betrayed them in attempt to save Gaira and defend humans.


Sanda resembles a humanoid giant with light brown fur and brownish skin. Unlike his brother Gaira, Sanda has a more human face, as well as having brown eyes and a small beard on his chin. Sanda is also slightly taller than Gaira and also lacks the claw-like nails of his brother as his hands and feet are more human/ape like.


Sanda is a kind and gentle kaiju compared to his more violent brother Gaira. He is very curious about humans and is willing to protect from other kaiju, even when he was surrounded by the military in Brisbane he willingly surrenders to them and refuses to fight. Sanda also cares deeply for his brother Gaira, even when the two don't see eye-to-eye. When his brother attacks the humans, Sanda becomes distressed and tries to stop Gaira. He is incredible loyal to Gaira and is willing to do anything to protect him from harm whilst trying to prevent any harm to the humans.


Not much is known about Sanda's past though it is theorized that both he and Gaira were born in 1966. 1967, Sanda and Gaira where spotted by humans in China as children and where mistaken for cryptids known as Yeren (Or Chinese Wild Men). A Monarch team was sent to China to investigate the sighting. The young Gargantuas saw the Monarch camp and out of curiosity, emerged from the forest and meet face to face with a Monarch scientist, Akami Towaga. Akami gave the young Kaiju food, who thanked her food the gift before returning back to the forest. The same Monarch team attempted to track down the Gargantuas over the years. Both Sanda and Gaira managed to avoid the team through said years way up to adulthood.

However in 2002 when Gaira was captured by the Chinese Military, Sanda was sighted but was dismissed as a rumor. In reality, they where trying track down the Brown Gargantua as well and barded Monarch from investigating the Gargatnuas until asking for Professor Ando's assistance in 2010. It wasn't until he saw Gaira and Varan diving into the ocean did Sanda reveal himself to the world once again.


Immense Strength: Despite his smaller size compared to the majority of Kaiju, Sanda posses great strength and despite his peaceful nature he is quite skilled in combat. He is capable of taking on Godzilla, Kumonga and the Trilopods, though he fairs better if he as an alley with him. He uses his fists in combat to deliver punches to the opponent. I also quite agile because of his smaller size, being able to climb buildings. He is also able to improvise weapons such as a petrol tanker.