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The Shobijin, known individually as Moll and Lora, are two tiny humanoid girls that serves as the priestess to the Guardian of Mortals Mothra. After Mothra's death, they look over her offspring Mothra Lea and Mothra Leo, they serve as translators for the larvae. As Godzilla allowed the Mothra Twins into the Earth Defenders, The Shobijin where allowed membership as well.


The Shobijin resemble human girls in their appearance but incredibly small, being doll sized compared to normal humans. Both have long black hair, have brown eyes and slim bodied. They wear matching orange dress that have golden straps around their waists. They have head bands that appear to be made of a white fur-lie material. They each have a red flower on one side of their heads. They also have golden bands around their exposed arms. They each also have two necklaces around their necks: One small necklace which has one crystal on it and a large one that has three crystals on it.


The Shobijin are kind, wise, and benevolent beings who only seek out what is best for both humanity and the planet. They are incredibly knowledgeable of Kaiju and Terra's history and being the priestesses to Mothra, they do not like conflict. However, they are also not easily threatened by humans and will give cryptic warnings to those who they believe intend to disrupt the planets natural balance, intentionally or not.


Nothing is really known about the Shobijin's past except for that they have been around since Mothra and Battra were born and have since then served as her priestesses. In the 1300's, they appeared when the first Megaguirus attacked the knight Gilders group and called upon Mothra to combat her.


Telepathic Magic: The Shobijin are able to use a telepathic from of magic. With this magic, they are able to communicate with others through thought and also able to link the minds of other beings together, as shown when they show the core Fairy Tail members Godzilla's memories. They are also able to sense other magic energy such as when they detected the magic circle's black magic properties. They can also use magic prays such as when they try to speed up Mothra Lea's transformation.