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Super MechaGodzilla, also known as MechaGodzilla, is a mecha created to specifically battle Godzilla and other kaiju, specifically it was the very first of this line of Mechas. The first model was damaged in 1987 (its components later used to build M.O.G.U.E.R.A.), the second model was damaged in 2004, and the third and final model was damaged in 2008.


Super MechaGodzilla without Garuda Attachment

Like other MechaGodzilllas, Super MechaGodzilla is designed after the very Kaiju it was primarily meant to counter: Godzilla. Its body is composed of a shiny silver metal. Its head is reptilian like Godzilla's and has orange eyes (though in some instances it can sometimes change pure red), the Mecha's head is topped with a forward-curved spike. Super MechaGodzilla's body posses features that are similar to Godzilla's muscular body such as its chest, abdomen, arms and legs. It has four fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot. On the front of its neck are a series of vents. On the center of its its lower body, Super MechaGodzilla has a circular area. Like Godzilla, Super MechaGodzilla has a set of dorsal spines on its back, but unlike Godzilla's spines the Mecha's spines are shorter and a more square-shaped. Similar to Godzilla, Super MechaGodzilla has a tail, but it is a lot shorter than Godzilla's and doesn't touch the ground.

In the first two model's of Super MechaGodzilla, the Mecha is equipped with a back-attachment sometime referred to as the Garuda. It resembles a metal pack with large cannons of either side of its, when attached to Super MechaGodzilla's, these cannons move downwards to aim at opponents. It also has a cockpit for the pilots.


Being a Mecha, Super MechaGodzilla does not posses any sort of personality as it is piloted by humans and acts under their control. However, during the second model in 2004, Super MechaGodzilla's programing was damaged during its battle with Godzilla, causing the Mecha to go wild and attack anything it is sight, until it broke down.


The first Super MechaGodzilla was constructed at some point after the battle royal in Accra, Ghana in 1975 by the A.M.F. and was severely damaged during a battle against Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla in 1987 (its components used to construct M.O.G.U.E.R.A. in the future). The second Super MechaGodzilla was built by the United States government under the order of President Ogden to stop Godzilla during his rampage across the U.S. It was damaged during a battle against Godzilla and Guardian King Ghidorah in Washington D.C. In 2008, a third and final model was constructed by the United Nations Anti-Kaiju organization, G-Force, and was sent on a recon mission to China where a Kaiju was spotted. During the mission, Super MechaGodzilla was damaged during a three-way battle with Hedorah and Godzilla, but returned to base for repairs.


Mega-Buster: From its mouth, Super MechaGodzilla can fire a beam of energy that can rival Godzilla's Atomic Roar in power and strength.

Laser Eyes: MechaGodzilla can also fire beams of yellow energy from its eyes.

Tranquilizer Missiles: As the name suggests, these missiles are design tranquilize organic opponents once they make impact however in some case the missile has no effect against Godzilla. These missiles are fired from Super MechaGodzilla hips.

Paralysis Missiles: These missiles are specialized from paralysis opponents temporally and they are launched from MechaGodzilla's shoulder. While they appear to have no affect on Godzilla, they managed to temporally knock out Anguirus .

Plasma Grenade: One of Super MechaGodzilla's more powerful attacks, a blast of energy is fires from the circular area on the Mecha's lower body. The blast is powerful enough to shatter Hedorah's frozen body.

G-Crusher: Super MechaGodzilla can launch Shock Anchor Cables from its wrists that embed into an opponents hide, with the cables sending electricity which delivers a powerful discharge attack to the opponent. With this attack, Super MechaGodzilla was able to knock-out both Godzilla and Guardian King Ghidorah. However, it didn't have much of an affect on Hedorah.

Maser Cannons: With the Garuda Attachment on its back, Super MechaGodzilla is able to fire energy beams from the twin cannons on its shoulder. This is only used for the first and second models of Super MechaGodzilla.

Flight: Super MechaGodzilla is able to fly thanks to rocket boosters in its feet as well as rockets from the Garuda Attachment. Its capable of flying high into Earth's Atmosphere.

Immense Strength: Super MechaGodzilla is shown to have great strength when in battle with other kaiju, being able to be physical strong enough to battle Godzilla himself. Its also was powerful to beat Anguirus. The Mecha was also strong enough to carry Hedorah on its body while flying.