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Titanosaurus is a founding and former member of the Earth Defenders, however he was manipulated by SpaceGodzilla into thinking that his fellow Earth Defenders had abandoned him when he was captured by the Simians and now joined him. He is now a member of the rival faction: The Earth Conquerors.


Titanosaurus is a deep-sea dwelling dinosaur with blood red skin that's covered in black spots and a yellow ventral side. He also sports a yellow fin on his tail, along his back and from the back of his head down to the end of his neck. Two smaller fins rest of the back of his head and he has two antenna-like protrusions on the top of his head. He also has three clawed fingers on his hands and a snake-like tongue and eyes.


It is said that following him joining the Earth Defenders, Titanosaurus was happy with his new life of freedom after being freed from the Devonian's control and wanted to prove that he was more than just a mindless slave to others. When he was among the Earth Defenders Titanosaurus shared good relationships with his comrades, particular with Kamoebas, Kumonga and Zilla. The four of them once formed a team, Titanosaurus was even the leader of the team. He would sometimes get annoyed and embarrassed by Kumonga trying to think of a name for the team. Titanosaurus really enjoyed working with his team mates even though he didn't openly admit it.

After being abducted by the Simians, it is revealed that Titanosaurus is afraid of possibly being used as a slave yet again, and this left him vulnerable for SpaceGodzilla to trick him into believing that the Earth Defenders had abandoned him.

After joining the Earth Conquerors, Titanosaurus has developed a deep hatred for the Earth Defenders (more specifically Godzilla), and felt betrayed by them when he thought they had abandoned them. He swore his loyalty to SpaceGodzilla after the crystal saurian helped him escape from the Simian moon base. However, following his defeat by Godzilla on Tenrou Island, after overhearing him talk to Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia and Happy about how he feels guilty about not being able to help him, he begins to question whether if what he is doing is actually right or not.


Not much is known about Titanosaurus' past other than that he was a dinosaur that survived the KT Extinction and remained dormant in the sea for millions of years. In 1956, he was awoken from his slumber after being mutated by nuclear testing near the Ogasawara Islands.


Cyclone Tail: By opening the fin on his tail, Titanosaurus is able to swing from side-to-side, creating strong winds. Titanosaurus can use this attack to blow debris at opponents and to topple them over.

Immense Strength: Physically Titanosaurus can battle with tooth, claw and tail. He is strong enough to lift Godzilla in the air using only his jaws.

Aquatic Lifestyle: Being an aquatic creature, Titanosaurus is even more specialized for underwater than Godzilla, thanks to his fins.