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I almost lost hope to once before way back when, but then I met Godzilla and the others and it made me realize that it isn't too late to fix the mistakes of my past. If some sorry loser like me can accomplish something like that, then you can do that to.

-Varan to Cana Alberona in "Fairy Glitter"


Varan is a founding and current member of the Earth Defenders, as well as a Kaiju that has existed for over a thousand years following the infamous Toba Extinction and was one of the many ancient Kaiju that vanished following the epic battle between King Caesar and Megalon that nearly destroyed the natural balance of Terra.


Varan is a tan-colored reptile with smooth loose skin on his chest, legs and arms and rough, hard reptilian scales on his back and tail. He also has a long row of spikes running down from the top of his head to the end of his tail, as well as three smaller spikes sticking out of each side of his head and several even smaller spikes lining his eyebrows.

He has loose webbing in between his long fingers as well as loose membranes between his legs and arms that he uses to help him glide across the sky, similar to a flying squirrel.

After becoming a member of Fairy Tail, Varan is given his Guild Mark. His Guild Mark is red and located on his left shoulder.


Varan is known for being very daring and willing to challenge himself by performing outlandish and ridiculous tasks. This was first demonstrated when he willing accepted Cana Alberona's challenge at seeing who was the better drinker, though he seemed to regret it the next day. He gets along well with his comrades and is protective of them. During his time in Earth Land, he developed a friendly relationship with Cana.

He also has a lot of pride in his abilities and often likes to poke fun at his comrades just to rile them up a little, such as when he poked fun at Baragon for his grumpy attitude during the fight against Naked Mummy and Dark Unicorn. He also has been shown to posses some guilt over his previous aggression towards humans


Varan was an ancient Kaiju that was created a thousand years ago during the Toba Extinction by Eight Guardians of Terra before they sacrificed themselves to the Tree of Life to save the human population. Varan and several other Kaiju were divided into different categories to preserve balance in nature.

However, when King Caesar and Megalon began their epic battle and threatened to disturb the balance, Varan was seen fighting Ebirah with a large group of human ships filled with fleeing citizens of the Ryukyu Kingdom being caught in the crossfire. However, following King Caesar and Megalon's supposed deaths when a Cryog ship crashed into Terra (having been shot down by a Millennian UFO in Terra's orbit), Varan and the other ancient Kaiju went into hiding.


Gliding Abilities: Thanks to the membrane between his arms and legs, Varan is capable of gliding at high speeds. It also allows him to charge into opponents and knock them down, a tactic he uses on Gabara and King Caesar in his berserk-mode.

Back Spikes: The spikes that run along Varan's back and tail are shown to be quite sharp and can aid him combat, such as with his battle with Rodan, where his spikes shredded the pterosaur's wings.

Immense Strength: Varan can use both tooth and claw when in battle, as seen when he aids Zilla in attacking a Trilopod/Titanosaurus hybrid and Magita. He was also fast enough to grab Rodan by the leg and has enough strength to hold Rodan to the ground.

Tri-phibian Tributes: Varan is a kaiju who is capable of battling in water, on land and in the sky, making him almost adaptable and ready in any battle field. His membrane allows him to gliding in the air. The webbing between his hands and feet aid him in swimming as well in gliding.

Durability: Varan has shown to have some impressive durability, being able to endure a beating from Rodan and Gaira. He was even able to get back up from Bluenote's Gravity Magic.

Visceral Beam: A energy attack that Varan was able to use in his battle with Bluenote alongside Gildarts, Varan chares yellow energy through the spines on his back and then unleashes a beam of concentrated yellow energy from his jaws. His attack was powerful enough to send Bluenote crashing into a wall with great force.

Visceral Charge: By charging up the same yellow energy from his Oral Beam and allowing it to spread through his entire body, Varan can then launch him towards the opponent and charge into them with devastating forcing. He was able to use this attack against Bluenote.